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Ordonnia Community Guidelines

By Ordonnia Administration Department • Published on 2023-03-19 • No edits

0 · Preamble

In these guidelines, the following terms are used: (A. The "Service": Everything operated by Ordonnia, namely Ordonnia.com and its Discord Server; (B. The "Content": Everything you submit to the Service, whether image, text, or any other format; (C. The "Users", the "Community", or the "People": All users of Ordonnia; (D. The "Representatives": Anyone that is recognized, through a title, as an authority on Ordonnia, namely Ordonnia Help.

1 · Respect the community

We ask that you respect our Community, our Representatives, and the Service itself. As such, we ask that you: (A. Respect the individual: You must not insult, harass, or threaten someone on Ordonnia; (B. Respect the groups: You must never discriminate or share hate speech towards a group of people; (C. Respect the Service: You must not insult, threaten, or harm the Service, or its employees; (D. Respect the devices: Do not attempt to spread content that could cause harm to the other users' devices or violate people's privacy (i.e: ip-grabbers, spywares, self-bots); (E. Respect privacy: You must never share or store someone's personal information or someone's messages without their consent.

2 · Mature content and sensitive content

A. You may not post the following to Ordonnia:

(A1. Content that may shock or disturb (i.e: intensive gore); (A2. Content that promotes or encourages self-harm or suicide; (A3. Any content sexualizing or fetishizing minors.

B. You may post the following in "mature" spaces (18+) only:

(B1. Content meant to arouse (i.e: pornography); (B2. Content that exposes sexual parts of the body (i.e: breasts, genitalia); (B3. Strong profanity.

C. You may post the following in "sensitive" spaces (15+) only:

(C1. Content featuring sexual or sensitive topics; (C2. Images that feature partial nudity, but that do not expose any sexual parts; (C3. Sexually suggestive content; (C4. Light or medium gore, as long as it's marked with a tag that hides it before viewing (e.g. "Spoiler" on Discord); (C5. Medium profanity.

3 · Civility, and behaviour

Ordonnia expects a certain amount of civility from its users. Therefore, we put restrictions on:

A. Romance on Ordonnia:

(A1. Your use of Ordonnia is not to be solely aimed at finding a romantic partner; (A2. We strongly forbid relationships between people of a significant age gap if one or more of them are minors, and we reserve ourselves the right to warn legal guardians or competent authorities.

B. Conflicts, arguments, and fights:

(A1. You may not disturb the peace in Ordonnia by causing conflicts, arguments, or fights; (A2. You may not incite for a divide of Ordonnia, whether internally or globally; (A3. We do not allow you to openly protest or display outrage against a change as to avoid mass chaos; (A4. Any disputes, whether with Ordonnia Users or the Service itself must be resolved in private; (A5. With the exception of our Representatives, you are not moderators! Always report content, don't minimod.

C. Interaction with our Representatives:

(1. Be polite, patient and respectful: we expect you to respect our Representatives; (2. Do not beg, ask repetitively, or bother us to try to obtain any avantage or points;

D. In the community:

(1. Do not partake in the community just to annoy people, whether it is our Representatives or the Community. (2. Do not attempt to bypass our automated filter. It is here for a reason. Report mis-filterings with the "Report" button. (3. Be a nice person. Yeah, really, it all boils down to that. (4. Do not be disturbing. Do not make people weirded out just at the sight of your content. Really, don't.

4 · Polluting content

You must not pollute Ordonnia with worthless content. Hence, you must not: (A. Post content that has no value whatsoever (i.e: "flooding"); (B. Post content that advertises or promotes a service, unless you are explicitly allowed to do so; (B1. If you do not represent the service and it is not directly competing to Ordonnia, you may post it. (B2. No direct message advertising. (C. Post spams, phishing, or misleading/fake informations; (D. Post content in a space where it is not meant to be (i.e: Suggestions in the "Bug Reports" category); (E. Use soundboards, or obnoxious/noticeable voice changers; (F. Content meant to harm (i.e: very loud sounds, flashing images).

5 · Language on Ordonnia

Ordonnia prohibits the use of other languages than common variants of English on its services with the following exceptions: (A. Roblox Services in the case that the user is not registered to a Ordonnia Account or in the case where the user is not aware of the regulation; (B. The entire people in the server, chat room, channel or group are all able to speak the second language fluently; (C. The chat room, channel or group is dedicated to a second language in which case only the second language must be spoken in said location; (D. Communication is required with one of the participants of the discussion that cannot speak one of the languages above as confirmed by a Ordonnia Employee on the participant’s Ordonnia Account. (E. In the Discord, should no conversation be currently happening, it is allowed to start one in another language. We however ask our Community to stay inclusive at all times.